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Manual Lymph Drainage and Surgical Procedures

Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Developed in the 1930's by Emil and Estrid Vodder and embraced worldwide by Medical and Spa settings.
  • Influences the lymphatic system and balances the circulation of body fluids.
  • Responsible for carrying excess water, proteins, pathogens, and waste from the connective tissue back into the blood stream.
  • Promotes and accelerates cellular repair, therefore skin healing through more efficient transportation of nutrients and oxygen to cells.
  • Possesses decongestive and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Leads to normalization of composition and function of connective tissue.
  • Calming effect on autonomic nervous system.


Pre-operative Recommendation

One or two treatments prior to surgery are recommended. The last, one day before the procedure. Manual lymph drainage will increase the reabsorption of excess protein, cellular debris and waste products in the interstitial spaces of the dermis. This will reduce potential post operative inflammation and possibility of infection.

Post-operative Recommendation

Three to five treatments after surgery (starting as soon as 24hrs. post op) are recommended. Manual lymph drainage will reroute lymphatic fluids into non affected areas and helps to reabsorb waste products caused by surgery. The main benefit is the reduction of bruising and post surgical edema, resulting in a speedier healing process.

The required amount of MLD varies according to the client. For most clients 3 to 5 sessions are sufficient. However in some cases more than 12 sessions are recommended, particularly for clients who underwent several procedures simultaneously.






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